The faces of the new food revolution

23 November, 2015

On a drizzly April day in Washington, D.C., 60 food workers and labor organizers from across the country gathered in an office building downtown. There was an African immigrant street vendor from New York City; a black apple picker from upstate New York; a white, 20-something former bartender from Cincinnati. There were Latino farmworkers from California’s Central Valley; Walmart workers from Oakland; a food-processing worker from Brooklyn. The diversity of the workers gathered for the fifth a [...]

Voices of the Food Chain

19 November, 2015

Yesterday a coworker walked into my office and I was smiling like a loon at my computer screen, headphones in. “No,” I said, “I am not watching cartoons, I am watching food chain workers including Ruth and Max and Heriberto share their stories.” I couldn’t help but smile because even though the observations shared by the workers are sharply critical of a food system that is deeply affected by racism and other forms of oppression, the video also offers a message of hope. We are watching [...]

Voices of the Food Chain + StoryCorps: Sharing the Stories of the Workers Who Help Feed Us

19 November, 2015

Anna Lappé sat in her driveway riveted to her car radio listening to a StoryCorps conversation between two emergency-room doctors. She’d already parked outside her house but couldn’t stop listening. “By the time it was done, there were tears running down my face. I was so moved hearing that conversation, and I thought it would be really powerful to create a way for workers from different points along the food chain to have such a conversation with each other captured by StoryCo [...]

Food Workers, in their own stories

18 November, 2015

East Bay Express | by Luke Tsai "I fell for it," says Dominic Ware, his voice tinged with sarcasm. "For that brief moment, I was like, okay, this is how you get the American slice of the pie." Ware, an Oakland native, is talking about his first days as a cart-pusher at the Walmart in San Leandro, and he's having a conversation with a new acquaintance, Luis DeLeon, a cook on a cruise ship. DeLeon chuckles, probably because he has heard this kind of pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps narrati [...]